Friday, 13 January 2012

10 Things I have noticed/learnt/observed in my first month in Canada….

1.     1. Milk comes in a plastic bag.
2.     2. Don’t get the ‘cable’ disconnected in your exchange partners home…they don’t have Free-to-Air television channels like we do in Australia.
3.     3. Make sure when crossing the road…you look to the LEFT!
4.     4. Dollar stores are the best things on the planet.
5.     5. Coffee… just not the same.
6.     6. Building a snowman is harder than it seems (my first one was only about 30cm high)
7.     7. Tennis balls on the base of students chairs in the classroom avoid scraping on the lino (due to there not being any carpet in the classroom)
8.     8. According to my students “We don’t have accents….its just you”.
9.     9. You can easily lose 2-3 hours in a Walmart.
1010.Although it has been a crazy first week settling into an established classroom, there are so many people to help you out in any way!