Thursday, 5 January 2012

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

So here I am in minus 3 degrees (well not really, I am inside in about 22 degrees) and loving it!
Yesterday we had a big dump of off I went and made my own mini snowman. I named him Kermit and by now he will be covered with more snow...bless him.

Its been not that hard to convert to minus temperatures (oh and sooo not jealous about the 40 degree weather at home)...its just been lots of layers, thermals first and then boots. I am in love with my snow boots and knee high boots (waterproofing as we speak). Socks, gloves and coats have been other purchases made but well needed.

The apartment has some strange noises that I am still getting used to. Clicking, creaking, knocking...then the neighbours upstairs obviously wears heels on the floorboards. The side neighbours come and go and the FREAKIN snow ploughs on the road sound more like jet planes taking off. I am sleeping pretty well now so hopefully that will continue. I have bought some things to make it feel more like home (cupcake supplies, clothing and an ernie beanie that rocks my world) so its pretty cool.

I have travelled on the bus quite a few times now and haven't ended up in the wrong place. I think I will get the bus to school tomorrow and time the travel and see if I can get into my room and possibly take in some of my Australian stuff. 

Had my first dinner guest over last night...he brought riesling, I made stir fry....enough said. Oh and bought my first Mr Potato Head on be delivered soon :)

I am going to head off now and do some research on things I can do in the next few days before I head back to work....peruse the photos as you will.